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SEPTEMBER 13,14,15 2024

Welcome to SEMOcon

Join us for the ultimate celebration of comics, anime, gaming, sci-fi, and fantasy!

September 15-17, 2023

Poplar Bluff, MO

Experience the Excitement of SEMOcon

A dynamic and ever-evolving event, unites an extraordinary community of fans, artists, and pop culture enthusiasts. Step into a world where boundless imagination meets thrilling experiences. Embark on exhilarating carnival games, showcase your skills in the captivating cosplay contest, and indulge in the adrenaline-fueled ramen eating challenge. With enticing prizes, engaging actors, explore a diverse vendor marketplace, and participate in our silent auction, where every contribution supports meaningful charitable causes. At SEMOcon, we unite passion, creativity, and compassion, making a positive impact on our community while indulging in the ultimate pop culture extravaganza!

All New Midway!!!

Experience the electrifying allure of SEMOcon's mesmerizing midway, where a world of thrilling carnival games awaits. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of excitement as you discover a curated collection of exhilarating challenges and captivating experiences. From timeless classics to unique attractions, our carefully selected lineup guarantees non-stop fun and entertainment. Unleash your inner adventurer, embrace the adrenaline, and create unforgettable memories at SEMOcon's extraordinary carnival games. 


Attention: vendors, artists, and authors! Join us at SEMOcon, the thriving hub for pop culture enthusiasts. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your talents and products to our ever-growing audience. Be part of our vibrant community, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and witness the excitement as we continue to expand. Secure your spot today and be a part of SEMOcon's journey towards greatness 

Volunteers Needed!

Join the exhilarating SEMOcon volunteer team and be part of the ultimate pop culture experience! Embark on a thrilling adventure, create magical moments, and make lasting memories alongside passionate fans and talented artists. Sign up now to unleash the excitement and be a vital part of SEMOcon's legendary success! And not only that, but volunteers get in free!!!

Get your tickets now!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at SEMOcon! Secure your tickets now to be part of the electrifying pop culture extravaganza that's right here in Poplar BLuff! Join us and immerse yourself in a whirlwind of excitement, where you'll meet incredible artists, witness thrilling contests, explore captivating exhibits, and create lifelong memories. Don't wait - grab your tickets today and prepare to embark on an epic journey of epic proportions!