Hearts for Rescue

This year the charity we are going to help raise money for is Hearts for Rescue!

Hearts for Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer dog rescue organization. They are a foster-based rescue group that takes in dogs that have become homeless due to any circumstance. Their dogs live with foster families while they are waiting to be adopted into permanent homes. They provide all age appropriate veterinary care and treatment to ensure that their dogs are healthy. They are helping to reduce and prevent overpopulation of dogs in their community and surrounding areas by requiring each dog in their program to be spayed or neutered. Since being newly licensed in June of 2015, they have had over 610 dogs come through their program. Those 610 dogs will not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem in their community.  Their adoption goal is for lifetime placement in the best choice home for both their dogs and the adoptive families. Their adoption process includes an application, verification of references and a home visit prior to placement which includes an adoption contract.  They are also committed to their dogs for the life of the dog.  Their adoption contract states that if for any reason the adopting family can no longer keep the dog, the dog comes back to Hearts for Rescue. 

Their group is comprised completely of volunteers and they operate from donated funds which consist of adoption donations, fundraisers and donations received from others.  The breakdown of their revenues from January 1, 2018 through October 31, 2018 show that 92% of all of their revenue goes direct to animal care:  87% is paid for veterinary bills alone and 5% covers the supplies needed to care for the dogs (crates, beds, harnesses, leads, dog food, etc.).  The remaining 8% covers everything else their rescue does.  That includes their annual license fee with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, their general liability insurance costs, their monthly storage rental to store supplies, their annual Corporation filings/fees, any supplies that they need to maintain office files/records for the Department of Agriculture as well as any community assistance that they provide (example: when they assist a family by taking a litter of puppies, they then spay the momma/female, that remains with the owner, to prevent another unwanted litter).  They believe in being good stewards of the donations that they receive and they appreciate the support of their families, friends and their community as they continue their mission work.