Special Guests

Let’s give a big "True Believer's" welcome to David Starwalt!

Mr. Starwalt is originally a native of Poplar Bluff MO. Classically trained at The Second City (the same place most Saturday Night Live actors trained). An improv professional, with impressive screen credits. Playing roles in shows like: Star Trek: Voyager, Werewolf, X-files, and even in movies like Predator 2.

For those photo and autograph collectors out there, this is Mr. Starwalt’s inaugural comic con, so out to be some of the first people ever to be able to get these at a convention from him!

And the best thing of all, is that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the money made at his table is going to be donated to Rayni Day Miracles

We can’t wait to be able to spend the day with this amazing actor, and we hope you can’t either!

Let’s give a big "True Believer's" welcome to Samson Kealoha!

Born and raised in Waipahu, Hawaii on the island of O'ahu, moved to the San Fransisco bay area, than back to Hawaii April 19, 1995.

In 2007, Samson moved to Schertz, TX, where he currently resides.

Samson's first big role was for the TV show, "Hawaii," where he played a bank robber named "Dodge." For his next major role, Samson wore a motion capture uniform to play a T100 Terminator in the movie Terminator Genisys.

you can see more on Samson at his IMBd Page: https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1639844

Let’s give a big "True Believer's" welcome to Dez!

Dez, the actor has been performing off and on since 1987! His claim to fame came in March of 1997 when he became known worldwide as the actor known as, "Black Jesus" for his portrayal of Christ in America's longest running "Passion Play!"

He presently lives near Atlanta, Georgia, and has been hitting movie sets almost 5 days a week! November 1, 2020, Dez will unfreeze his SAG membership and take his career to the top level!

Dez gives God ALL of the glory for his past achievements and future success!

Check out Dez on his IMDb page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2184115/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Let’s give a big "True Believer's" welcome to Lindell Johnson!

Lindell is a cosplayer out of Paducah KY. He travels all over to bring comic books and characters to life.

He has been a cosplayer for over 8 years and has met some pretty awesome people while cosplaying.

Lindell also helps work with several charities:

Shawnee Valley Ghostbusters,

Heroes for Kids and

Paducah Galaxy of Heroes.

Lindell has even worked with one of our local hometown cosplayers; chelseaquinncosplay.

You will definitely want to stop by his table, as he will be dazzling us with a few cosplays throughout the day

Due to some potential phantasm activity, Lindell has decided to come to SEMOcon this year with the Shawnee Valley Ghostbusters plus MR.STAY PUFT and THE ECTO350, just in case of spirits, spooks or specters.

We can't wait for everyone to meet him

Lets give a big "True Believer's" welcome to Norman Meklakov!

Norman Maloye Meklakov, Mid-South's Indy wrestling superstar from Belgorod, Russia is pleased to announce; he will be appearing at SEMOCon this September! That's right, the Soviet Saint will be in Poplar Bluff! But he's not coming to save you. He's coming to destroy you!!!!